Top Non Academic Courses: Paving Way for Successful Youth Development

You don’t need special tools to make your children talented, just a little nudge in the right direction can do wonders!

Empowering an educational model that directs towards personalized learning opportunities – and shift away from the antiquated curriculums – has been the driving factor in many recent early-life learning trends. Non academic courses will actually help build personalities from a young age and pave way to great problem solvers, critical thinkers and innovators of the future!

Enable Skill & Creativity with Extra Curricular Non Academic Courses

Not everything that’s worth knowing is chalked up on blackboards.

Supporting the concept of exposing our younger generation to online courses that are built around extra curricular activities is based on a number of factors, including:

    • Kids discover new things and concepts by using their imaginations
    • They have the natural ability to perceive the world by using senses
    • They interact to learn
    • They can understand abstract notions from an early age
    • Individual attention with support and encouragement augments their responses
    • And, because of their short attention span, entertaining activities helps them to not lose interest

As a parent/guardian, you need to ensure that your children are fostering intellectually in their daily lives if you want to see them succeed in this competitive world.

Sharpen your child’s inner creativity by introducing them to learning programs that focuses on extra curricular activities to instil various life skills; provide personal growth; add productivity and cultivate the young thoughts, feelings, and behaviour.

Well-Structured Courses via Personal Tutors Bring Personal Growth

The minds of children are fragile and need mentoring.

It is time that you look ahead from the bookish learning and focus on building the creative and innovative aspect in children with personalized youth development programs. Early education tutors have the expertise in taking into account the students’ pace, their cognitive needs, expectations and abilities to advance the learning process.

Online courses target individual growth as your child gets a ubiquitous cognitive environment to advance positively. A fun, engaging online non academic courses will not only bring self-confidence in the children, but also use their precious time constructively and help you build a relationship of wit and trust with your child.

Plus, non-academic learning is a great way to let your kids enjoy studying independently – with no “examination” strings attached.

Selecting the Best Early Childhood Education Program

The directory of non academic courses is very vast.

You will find tons of online classes for a variety of ages and prices. However, since the options are many, choosing the one, or more, extra-curricular courses to get your child started on the creative path may seem daunting for you.

Luckily, EduNique’s personal tutors combine personal attention, expert lesson plans and simplified learning mechanics ensuring that each child has learnt something new with every session they take on. Our expert guidance has proven to inspire the little ones with engaging techniques and bring out their hidden creativity.

Non-academic online tutoring might just be the thing for raising mindful children.

Below mentioned online programs will help you choose the best fit for your child and with the guidance of EduNique tutors, even you will be able to communicate in the language that your child understands.

Advance Cognitive Development with Extra-Curricular Youth Development Programs

Special techniques to boost mental health and relax the nerves, yoga and meditation have been used around the world since ages. But teaching the skill at a young age with the help of a professional has proven to bring mental stability in children even later in their lives.

    • Memory Booster Programs:

EduNique brings memory booster programs to advance cognitive development. Starting from basic courses to master levels, online training and exercises are there to improve communication between the left & right hemispheres of the brain and build learning ability in the young ones.

    • Pottery

Believe it or not, potter online training can do wonders to cognitive development in children. Science has proven that sand pits are important for sensory development in infants and toddlers. A well-structured class that teaches proper techniques of handling the clay not only brings mental stability but also sparks intellectual growth.

Expert Training Courses for Enticing Innovation and Creativity

art lessons are geared towards recognizing each student’s potential and with the right guidance from online tutor’s guidance inspire the little artists to excel! EduNique’s non-academic art course includes the basics of arts and colouring principals, with lessons that range from drawing to painting!

    • Crafts:

Extraordinary crafting is another form of non-academic, extra curricular activity aimed to amplifying learning potential in kids. With the help of interactive learning and by using imagination, craft courses will boost the love of creativity.

    • Photography:

Another art of expression coupled with creativity is photography. Look for photography programmes that are structured specifically for kids where they can learn about digital photography from experts and excel professionally. You can find out more about the Photography course options at EduNique.

Personalized Programs to Boost Physical Vigour and Development

    • Dancing

Kids love to wiggle and hop around, why not channel their energies into a lifelong skill. Professional dancing class lessons with personal tutor guidance will advance their form, keep them in shape and boost their sparkle.

    • Gardening

Outdoor extra curricular activities boost both physical and mental health and learning about gardening is all that and fun. When the young ones get guidance about the type of outdoor and indoor plants or about soil and its conditions they feel more attached to nature and practice makes the, even more hale and hearty.

    • Theatre/Drama

You don’t need to send your child to any acting school when online drama/theatre program will support their skills.  Responsive assistance provided by professional actors is the one where students learn through trainer demonstrations and overcome stage fright while advancing their physical stance and confidence to perform any act.

Online Courses for Building Smart Skills

    • Technological Programs

Tech-savvy non academic courses are a step ahead from class learning. Help kids become leaders of the future by starting with IT expert tutors from home. A good technological program for youth development improves the approach to visualizing concepts, design thinking, creative thinking, understanding of motion & gravity, problem solving, programming and coding techniques.

    • STEM Programs

Crucial subjects focusing on the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are taught playfully at the early childhood development level. Through cooperation and interaction with professionals, kids learn at home cultures, communication, conflict management and daily balanced routines etc.

    • Brain Gym

The type of classes which include instructor to assign and conduct complex exercises to empower kids by instilling productivity and help them in building cognitive awareness on their own.


Personality Developmental Courses

    • Learning Soft Skills

Personality development is an important part of growth for student of any age group. Youth development programs includes the learning soft skills is essential to build a stable personality which includes improving social skills, manners, communication, time management, building empathy, problem solving and more.

    • Counselling, Analysis & Reports

To cultivate personality, it is important to understand the traits of the young ones and understand what they are inheritably good at. This amplifies the importance of teaching your kids non academic courses.

Experts at EduNique uses conventional techniques of Psychometric Test to determine personality types, multiple intelligence levels, individual inclinations and help in option for the right Education Stream and make most profitable career selections.


Classes with a Difference, Makes a Difference!

 There are numerous set of interpersonal skills which are usually not taught in schools, but learning them in childhood is necessary for development.

Consequently, every child needs to have experiences that help shape their developmental levels and it can be conditioned with the help of an expert. Help in growing your learner’s confidence in and out of the classroom, advance their intellectual skills and make them street smart!

At EduNique, the intelligence is not directly measured by standardized tests, and children learn essential life skills from personal tutors, that will boost their confidence, keep them contended all through the course, and allow them to live a highly successful life ahead.

For pupils who are already doing well in school, tutoring can offer scope for interscholastic activities and techniques to augment their creative skills.

Bring up skilful children with right selection of courses. Make personalized, student-centric educational experience

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