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edunique, personality development course free, online spoken english free classes, handwriting improvement course, artificial intelligence class 9, free coding for kids, online chess classes, scratch programming online, math classes online, 9 class science, english class 7th


edunique, personality development course free, online spoken english free classes, handwriting improvement course, artificial intelligence class 9, free coding for kids, online chess classes, scratch programming online, math classes online, 9 class science, english class 7th


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The formative period is very important. Too many students struggle in maths because of poor basics. We should stress on developing a clear concept of mathematics in a child, right from the primary classes. If the teacher fails to do that, we all know what happens next. The child will develop a phobia for the subject which lasts for a lifetime. Our team at EduNique works day and night passionately for every child’s growth. We believe that any child can be a maths whiz. And we will definitely help your child to excel in the subject in all exams and cope up with their curriculum.

Your child is our topmost priority and we assure you that your ward will achieve a very strong Math base in a quite short period with personal maths tuition classes. We look forward to building a solid foundation for our students in the most effective and least distress method. We cover all the boards and bridge the gap between good scores and your child along with Math skills.

Edunique offers a personal tutoring service for students of age 4 to 16 years for all of their academic requirements, offering 45-minutes one-to-one online and group sessions, English tuition with International approved tutors. Edunique makes learning an enjoyable way to develop the skills you need. Our highly qualified tutors will develop a study plan with you focused on achieving your goals, and as mentors they will find a pace and approach that works for you. Sessions are conversational and designed to get you speaking confidently.

Personalized, flexible learning

Our one-to-one sessions are completely tailored to your needs. You can choose a topic or school curriculum of any board a skill that you want to improve, or select from a learning plan. If you’re not sure, you can get expert recommendations from your tutor. After every lesson, your tutor will leave you detailed feedback on your speaking performance. Our tutors are available 24/7 – including weekends and holidays – so you can plan lessons at times that work around you.

Get started

After your first lesson, you’ll get access to a personalized learning plan which will include grammar and speaking topics to work on with your tutor. You can book further 45-minutes sessions with your tutor in packages of 3, 10, or 20 sessions.

Learn from the best

Our tutors are uniquely experienced to understand the English skills needed to succeed. Each tutor holds a teaching qualification and has worked in a professional setting. They have experience in diverse sectors including banking, marketing, sales, human resources and more.You can meet our tutors via their short video presentations to better understand their professional experience, educational background, and accent. Our system helps you stay on track, monitor your progress and reach your goals.

Grasp and delve deeper into the fascinating world of the core sciences and learn how to apply these skills.

This course is designed to aid your child not to just pass the examinations but to develop the skill of mental inquiry to enable them to truly comprehend and apply the in-depth knowledge and skills that this stream has to offer.

One to one explanation at an individualized level to optimize learning.


Physics, Chemistry and Biology together from the baseline through which your child can understand the workings of the world around them and learn the skills on how to employ these challenging but profound concepts to their everyday experience.

Science courses are highly interesting but challenging courses and it is important for your child to develop an active understanding of these subjects. We have designed this course with the aim of helping your child to grasp these concepts at a basic level and then to help them build further knowledge and comprehension sitting on that strong base of fundamentals.

In addition, this course seeks to bring out the hidden skills of creative application of learning in your child to enable them to go beyond the textbook and develop the individual, innovative and inventive side of science for themselves.


These courses are designed with a specialized understanding of the needs of STEM subjects and with methods tailored to optimally ensure that your child can learn and truly grasp concepts in these subject areas, while also giving your child the space for creative understanding and application. Some of these methods include:

    • Specialized practice questions
    •  Intensive practice of diagrams and graphs
    • Interesting methods, tactics and memory tricks to help your child learn
    • Detailed reading, writing and dictation exercises
    • Verbal testing to look into actual comprehension for each child


Learning about Social Studies is a part of a holistic curriculum that can help your child gain the knowledge and create a strong base for important subjects like history, civics, economics, geography which are essential in all walks of life.


Our customized curriculum and one on one classes encourage the students to take a deep interest and understand the pillars of Social Studies as one of the important subjects that can teach them lessons and basics for life. Covering all the subjects as per the school curriculum, with an appreciation for the core values of all the subject matter – History, Civics, Geography and more.

Our approach to the subject incorporates the school syllabus to cover all the topics of importance and help students learn important information that will help them understand these subjects as matter that will help them throughout their lives.


Our teaching methodology for Social Studies is developed with the help of top pedagogy professionals that are experts in the subject matter and know how to make lessons interesting for a child.
This is done through:
      –    Learning lessons with the help of visual cues like flow charts

    • Learning facts and concepts
    • Intensive practice of diagrams and graphs.
    • Regular short tests to test knowledge
    • One on one doubt clearing sessions
    • Solving mock papers in the expected exam formats to learn time management and making the student confident and exam-ready
    • Revision sessions

EduNique provides online and offline Hindi classes for all grades under the CBSE, ICSE, IB board syllabus. Our Hindi Instructors aim at providing help on – Literature, Poetry, Pronunciation, writing errors, Grammar, Sangya – Noun, Sarvnam- pronoun, Visheshan – adjective, comprehension, conjunctions, Idioms, Proverbs, Letter writing, Essay writing, etc. Our CBSE Teaching program uses an exclusive approach that offers unmatched flexibility to meet every student’s learning needs by saving both time and money.

Types of other online courses we offer for our Students are:

  • Beginner Level Hindi Course: EduNique has eminent Hindi tutors who can help you acquaint with Hindi from scratch and become well-versed with the language.
  • Intermediate Level Hindi Course: EduNique’s Hindi Instructors will help you revise what you know at present and guide you through till you excel in the language.
  • Advanced Level: If you are looking for somebody to help you brush up on your language skills, then you have come to the right place. EduNique has meticulous tutors who will be the best choice to serve this purpose.

How we work

  • The Diagnostic test helps our Teachers to decide the areas where the student’s working areas
  • We offer a 30 min Free Demo Session by which you can decide if EduNique is the right platform for your learning needs
  • Classes are scheduled in advance so that you don’t have to worry about finding a trainer in time
  • 24×7 academic and technical support.
  • Personalized Learning session anytime, anywhere
  • Customized lesson plans and assignment according to the level of the student
  • Periodic assessments are conducted to evaluate development in the skills
  • Weekly and monthly meetings to check on learning progress and facilitate better grades

Environmental Studies

EVS is presented under three subject headings: History, Geography and Science.

EVS is concerned with the exploration, investigation and development of an understanding of the natural, human, social and cultural dimensions of local and wider environments. It provides opportunities to engage in active learning, to use a wide range of skills, and to acquire open, critical and responsible attitudes. Each EVS subject plays a distinctive role in fulfilling the aims and objectives of this curriculum area.


History enables children to develop their knowledge and understanding of people, events and developments in the past at local, national and international levels. History has a valuable role to play in enabling children to learn about, and come to value the contributions made by people in the past.

The History Curriculum is presented in two distinct sections.

It includes a skills and concepts section entitled Working as an historian which describes the historical skills and concepts that children should develop as they encounter topics in history. Depending on the class level, these skills can include:

Time and chronology
Change and continuity
Cause and effect
Using evidence
It also includes a number of strands which outline the historical periods that are to be included in the history programme at each level. Each strand includes a number of strand units. Depending on the class level, strands include:

Myself and my family
Early people and ancient societies
Life, society, work and culture in the past
Eras of change and conflict
Politics, conflict and society
Continuity and change over time
In first and second classes, the History Curriculum emphasises the development of the child’s historical understanding through the exploration of personal, family and local history. From third and fourth classes upwards children will explore more extensive and more distant periods in the past and will encounter a broadening range of local studies.


Geography enables children to make sense of their surroundings and the wider world by learning about the natural and human elements of local and wider environments. Through learning about their environments, children develop a range of geographical skills and concepts. Geography encourages children to appreciate the interdependence of individuals, groups and communities. It promotes an understanding of, and respect for different cultures and how different people live their lives. The Geography Curriculum also fosters children’s sense of individual and community responsibility for caring for the environment

The curriculum is presented in two sections: a skills and concepts section and a content section.

Skills and Concepts
The Geography Curriculum outlines the skills and concepts which children should develop including:

A sense of place and space
Maps, globes and graphical skills
Geographical investigation skills.
The Geography Curriculum includes a number of strands:

Human environments
Natural environments
Environmental awareness and care.

Science enables children to develop basic scientific ideas and understanding about the biological and physical aspects of the world. The Science Curriculum gives special attention to the process through which children develop this knowledge and understanding by helping them to develop scientific skills. The curriculum also helps children to develop positive attitudes to science. It encourages them to examine and to appreciate how science and technology impact on their lives and on the environment.

The curriculum is presented in two sections: a skills section and a content section.


The Science Curriculum supports children in working scientifically and in developing their designing and making skills.

Working scientifically – Children learning by investigating is at the heart of the Science Curriculum. Children are encouraged to work as scientists as they investigate and explore their physical and natural surroundings. These first-hand experiences help them to find answers to problems themselves by exploring their own environment.
Designing and making – This aspect of the curriculum provides children with opportunities to apply scientific ideas to everyday situations and problems. The children are challenged to explore, plan and make models and functional objects in order to solve practical problems. Designing and making simple magnetic games, wind/water mills, floating vessels, telescopes, containers for specific purposes, electrical circuits and so on develop children’s awareness of the value of technology in their lives.
The Science Curriculum includes four strands:

Living things
Energy and forces
Environmental awareness and care.
Each strand is subdivided into strand units which focus on particular concepts.

Classes are conducted 2 or 3 days a week , one to one and group classes available. Batch size of maximum 10 students.

We cover concepts and school exam preparations. We focus on concept learning not mugging up.

Develop an extensive understanding of the subjects and how they interact with each other

Help your child gain far-reaching knowledge and skills in the subjects of economics, accountancy and business studies and develop the skills to use them in the real world


Commerce covers subjects that are critical to how the world works; understanding them properly can help your child grasp things as diverse as the pricing and supply of basic household items, to the national budget; and to help establish the skills and challenges behind developing and running a business and maintaining and the maintenance of accounts for it.

All in all, this course is designed to optimally enable your child to understand and utilize the varied subjects and skills that exist in the commerce stream and to help them to not just do well in examinations, but also to gain the skills and confidence to apply this learning beyond their school years.


Commerce subjects require their own unique approach and mindset to truly open the mind of your child to the various interesting aspects and areas that exist within this stream of study. After consulting with experts, we have designed these courses to follow the following methodology to enable your child to have fun, and to learn better. Some of these methods include:

  • Specialized practice questions
  • Interesting methods, tactics and memory tricks to help your child to learn
  • Detailed reading, writing and dictation exercises
  • Verbal testing to look into actual comprehension for each child
  • One to one explanation at an individualized level to optimize learning

Knowledge of Computers help students to Unleash their Creativity on the Computer System such as by using various applications and Technologies. The uses of computers and internet are growing day by day at high speed. In almost all Companies, Schools-Colleges, Businesses using computers for various official operations. New technologies and tools are coming every day that helping students to learn better and achieve more in less.

Advance Computer Education in schools plays important role in students career development. Computer with the internet is the most powerful device that students can use to learn new skills and more advanced version of current lessons.

Features of the program :-

  • Classroom tool.Many teachers have started using technology in classrooms to help students learn. Technology helps teachers reach different kinds of learners, reinforce and expand on concepts, and motivate students in new ways. As more teachers embrace technology, new kinds of learning can take place in classrooms, and more students can be reached in ways that they relate with. 
  • Preparing for future tech careers. As technology continues to grow and flourish, there will be more demand for professionals ready to take on technology careers. When children start getting excited about technology and the potential it offers them from a young age, they’re more prepared for their future and the possibilities it offers. Children can start getting technological skills early that they’ll need in the future. If you’re a young student who has the technological background you need for an IT career, consider an IT degreeto build your credentials and get you started on the path. 
  • Improved multitasking. Studies show that using technology helps young children learn how to multitask more effectively. While multitasking never allows you to fully focus on one area, students can learn how to listen and type to take notes, or other multitasking activities that can help them succeed in their future. 
  • Improved visual-spatial development.Spatial development can be greatly improved when technology like video games is used to help train young students and children. Practicing visual-spatial skills with video games can be a great way to improve abilities. Visual spatial skills are needed in a variety of things, like map reading, puzzles, and more.

Improved problem solving and decision making. Technology often presents children with problems, and helps them learn how to make decisions and solve those problems. Games and apps on tablets or smartphones can help give children the practice they need to find success down the road. When students wisely use technology they can reap huge rewards.